Corporate Profile

Materials Science, Inc. was established in 1989 and incorporated in 1992.  The company specializes in magnetron sputter deposition.  We manufacture and distribute products from multiple locations throughout the United States.  We are adept at translating this technology into products that enable our customers to improve product quality and lifetime, increase manufacturing productivity, produce films and structures with qualities previously difficult to obtain and which increase profitability.

Materials Science, Inc. endeavors to understand each customerís needs and respond appropriately.  Our team of creative scientists, engineers, software developers, technicians, coating experts and support staff each possesses decades of experience, both in designing and building critical technology components and similarly with systems used in high volume industrial production.  They have implemented systems for magnetic and optical storage media, semiconductor production, compound semiconductor devices, precision optics, decorative coatings, functional and wear purposes, flexible substrates, MEMS devices, flat panel displays, telecommunication devices, fiber optics and other applications.

 Engineering and Manufacturing Practices

To shorten product development cycles, we design and model most of our products by CAD before prototype units are built. We often use 3D solids modeling and FEA software to perform magnetic, thermal, fluid and stress analysis.  These tools allow us to rapidly design, prototype, test and help our customer put into production new magnetron sputtering sources designed for specific needs.

We adhere to a rigorous documentation control system that conforms to accepted standards. Engineering standards like ANSI/ASME Y14.5M dimensioning and tolerancing are conformed to, as are good industry practices for vacuum cleaning, assembly and manufacturing.

 Test and Development Lab

Materials Science, Inc  has several prototyping test systems.  Products are characterized and optimized as appropriate.  During prototype testing, we also monitor and control vacuum levels, argon and reactive gas flow, current, voltage and power levels, incoming/outgoing water temperature, flow and pressure and other information germane to a device and/or application.

Our laboratory also allows real world checks on how easy the companyís products are to service, maintain, assemble and integrate into a system.

Our Commitment to You

The reliability and performance of our products is in no small measure due to our relationship with our customers and their honest feedback.  We are really grateful for the long-term loyalty of many of our customers.  If our products donít meet your needs, then we hope to honestly engage you in a discussion of what will.  Sometimes we will be unable to do so.  Materials Science, Inc. has never compromised our perception of what constitutes the highest quality, best value and performance.  This often means our profits are lower.  Our goal is not to produce the cheapest products at the lowest price or have the highest market share, but instead to make the most productive and reliable ones.  We know that potential customers have different attitudes and methods of evaluating our responses and performance.  We know itís not realistic to be able to satisfy everyoneís needs, but we will certainly try our best to do so.  What we will not ever do is to tell you what we think you want to hear or withhold information we know to be important, even if it means potentially losing the sale.  In short, we will always try to tell you the truth as we perceive it and act accordingly.


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