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Materials Science, Inc. was established in 1989 and incorporated in 1992 as a supplier of technically superior planar magnetron sputtering cathodes used to produce parts requiring excellent quality, high performance coatings such as precision optics, flexible substrates, storage media and components needing wear, decorative and functional coatings.  It also distributes power supplies and other items related to magnetron sputtering.

In 2007 NSA Scientific merged with the company, expanding it's product offering into automotive parts.

In 2023, NSA Scientific, Inc. assumed all of the assets and intellectual property of Materials Science in a seamless transition and continues to operate using the Materials Science identity.

Our SunSource sputtering sources include practical features designed to enhance reliability and productivity in industrial environments.  The company was the first to introduce injection of sputtering gas through the cathode body and to implement efficient turbulent water flow schemes allowing high power levels without magnet or target overheating.  We were pioneers in the development of a wide uniform target erosion area resulting in stable reactive sputtering processes, long useful target life and higher rates and power densities.  Recently, the company introduced the Kamlok fast target exchange system allowing target exchanges in minutes regardless of length and eliminating galling and seizure of fasteners that are no longer required. 

We have grown over the years by listening to our customers.  Our business philosophy is simple we want customers to be completely satisfied with our products and services.  This begins with an objective discussion with the customer about their needs and honesty in our response.  We guarantee on-time delivery, competitive pricing, reasonably priced spare parts, complete documentation and highly reliable sputtering sources easily serviced by the user.


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